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Birthday Party Details:


We're excited to entertain at your party! 

Below are important guidelines to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Please read through the whole page. :o)


It's best for us to set up away from the main party area.


It's tempting for excited kids to crowd us and touch our supplies! 

We love that joy, yet our entertainers need to be able to focus on one child at a time, rather than asking other kids to back up / go back to the party, in order to remain comfortable as they work.

As such, an alert adult should be assigned to ensure that:

  1.   If applicable: At the facepainting station, there is always one guest being facepainted, and one child waiting in line, enjoying watching.

  2.   If applicable: At the balloon twisting station, there is always one guest receiving a balloon sculpture, and one child waiting in line, enjoying watching the creations if desired.

  3.   ALL other kids shall attend the main party, rather than gathering to watch. 
    The assigned adult should watch for kids gathering at the workspace and send them back to the party.


Facepainters and balloon twisters are not performers who entertain a crowd (like a magician), but rather are artists who focus on giving attention to each child as it's their turn in order to make their experience great.
As such, we strongly recommend that other additional activities be provided for the kids, for before and after their turn, away from our workspace, such as games, crafts, food, bouncy castles, hiring a performer, etc.

Table(s) & Crowd Control


Unless otherwise specified in your performance agreement, or another communication with JFFP, we kindly request that you provide us with:

  1.   A 6' foot table or a kitchen table reserved solely for our use (that guests shall not eat on)
    Upon request, we can bring a 4' folding table.


  2.   If possible, especiall for parties held in an open hall, it's extremely helpful to have a physical barrier for crowd control,  that will separate kids from our workspace until it's their turn.  Example: a few chairs / an extra table / tape on the floor

Outdoor Parties

We prefer to entertain inside if possible (due to SK wind), but of course we're more than happy to work with your party situation!   If your party is outside and it's convenient, we're happy to entertain near the door for easy access.

If we'll be entertaining outside, please provide us with a spot that's shaded and guarded from wind, for the safety of our equipment / supplies (such as a covered deck, a 10x10" canopy up against the house, or a clean garage).  Upon request, we can bring our own canopy for an additional charge.

Washed hands & faces


Due to a serious gluten allergy, a an adult must ensure that each child's face and hands are cleaned thoroughly with soap and water, right before their turn.

It's really important too that no gluten comes near our workspace.

This includes any wheat / flour based foods like cake, cupcakes, pizza, hot dog buns, bread, etc.


While definitely not required, tips are more than welcome, and greatly appreciated if you feel we've done an excellent job at your partyThanks so much in advance!

Contact Info

Please send us your cell number(s)!

Kristen - main facepainter: 306-551-7717
Devon - main balloon twister: 306-535-7921

If you need us quickly, please phone us (rather than texting).

Call Kristen first.  If you cannot reach her, call Devon.

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