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Hourly Rates

We bring along professional supplies & signage including menu boards.


*2 hour minimum*

Depending on your event's size, choose from:

  • Regular Services (fancier)

  • Speed Services (faster)

*During holidaysrates increase - please inquire.

We are completely booked for Canada Day 2024!




Regular Face Painting: 

$149 / hr / painter +gst

(about 12 faces / hour each)


SPEED Painting:


$179 / hr / painter +gst

(about 18+ faces / hour each)

 (Numbers VARY on a case-by-case basis!  Not all artists are equally fast, so number per hour depends on availability.)



Balloon Twisting


Regular Twisting: 

$149 / hr / twister +gst

(about 12 balloons / hour)


SPEED Twisting:

$169 / hr / twister +gst

(About 18 balloons / hour)

(Numbers VARY on a case-by-case basis!  Not all artists are equally fast, so number per hour depends on availability.)




We currently only have 1 balloon twister. 

Pre-twisting is the same price as live twisting (see pricing above).


If you expect more guests than he can produce within your event's time frame, you can order Pre-Twisting to simulate having more than one twister there.

For example: 


If your event is large enough to require 4 balloon twisters working side by side for 2 hours each, that would be 8 hours of twisting in total. 

Therefore, we accommodate for that by having Devon Pre-twist for 6 hours before he arrives, and bringing those balloons along in well-organized bags.

He then twists for 2 hours at the event, while also handing those pre-twisted balloons out to event guests, for a total of 8 hours of twisting, simulating 4 balloon twisters being at your event.



Important details:

  • All children under 13 must be actively supervised by an adult to receive service.

  • We often put out a Tip Jar.  Please let us know if this is not appropriate for your event.

  • For outdoor events, we require a 10'x10' canopy tent, as well as a backup indoor location for inclement weather (like rain).  No exceptions - thanks!

  • Generally we don't take custom requests for designs. 
    Rather, we have separate choice boards for Regular and Speed options, which kids love and choose time and time again regardless of event-theme, like unicorns and superheroes!



We accept etransfers, cash & cheques!

To Book, contact Kristen:

Texts preferred over calls:

(306) 551-7717


Please inquire!

Min 3 hour bookings are preferred for gigs outside Regina.

Within Regina (city limits): Included

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