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Well, it happened...your kids are HOME "indefinitely".

Don't panic!  Below are some RESOURCES to help you get through this.

We homeschooled our kids for 3 years, and know dozens of homeschooling families. 


We're hoping that this list will be helpful, not only for those who want to do some more "formal" learning, but also for those just looking for creative options to amuse your children over the next few weeks...or months (who knows how this will play out!). 


You may want to research "interest-based learning" or "unschooling", for a fun, low pressure option.


Remember that kids naturally learn from playing, reading, and helping around the house.  Almost everything that we do is educational!  Take cooking for ex: kids learn math, reading, how to follow instructions, safety, etc just from helping with that.  Take the pressure off of yourselves by thinking about how much they really are learning just through life...just like our ancestors did!

I've collected links to some our own resources from our homeschooling days, along with many free and paid resources recommended by friends. 


Mostly though: breathe.  Remember to build memories with your kids, and just enjoy each others' company

Play games.  Have Family Movie Nights (my personal fave).  If you're feeling brave, bake with them, haha. 

Take it one day at a time - we're all feeling a lot of ups and downs emotionally, so give your family GRACE for each moment.

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