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Choose your Event:

Birthdays (up to 25 kids)

ALL Other Events:

Public / Private / Corporate Events, Community Days, BBQs, Schools, Churches & more


Book with us & receive $20 OFF a Storybook Princess Parties package during your event!

Hourly Rates

We bring along professional signage (including menu boards with design choices), and bring professional supplies.

We charge the same price for facepainting as for balloon twisting. 

Cost is based on the number of entertainers hired.


Facepainting (regular)
$145* / hour / facepaint
er (1.5 hour minimum)


For 2 facepainters, double the hourly rate.

Each facepainter can generally paint about 10-12 guests / hour

For, Speed Painting see BELOW!

Balloon Twisting (regular)
$145* / hour / balloon twister (1.5 hour minimum)


For 2 balloon twisters, double the hourly rate.

Each Balloon Twister can generally make about 10-12 balloons / hour

For, Speed Balloons see BELOW!


If you have a short event with a TON of guests, please order PRE-TWISTING in addition to live twisting,  to ensure that each guests gets a balloon. 

It's the same price, but we twist them in advance to bring along!


BOTH Facepainting & Balloon Twisting
$290* / ho
ur (1.5 hour minimum)


We will send 2 amazing entertainers to work side by side (2 separate line-ups). See above for details about each service!

SPEED Painting and/or Balloons 
69 / hour / entertainer (2 hour minimum)


Having a short event with a ton of guests?  This is the way to go!

Speed painting / balloons generally take about 3-4 minutes / child.

This includes actual painting or balloon making time, as well time to ask the child about which design they'd like (and for facepainting, also that the magical moment where they look in the mirror, and time it takes for them to enter and exit the chair), etc.  It adds all adds up. :o) 
The higher charge accounts for the higher adrenaline / stress required by our entertainers

Bulk Discount

$129* / hour / entertainer (12 hour minimum)


*NOTE: This rate does not apply to speed painting / twisting

Having a large event, or a multiple-day event?

Mix & match entertainers, for a total of 12+ hours!

Weekly / Monthly Gigs

Please inquire - we'll give you a smokin' deal!

Interested in having us entertain week or at your business, on a weekly or monthly basis? 

This is perfect for restaurants, daycares, schools, churches & more!

Important details:

  1. All children under 12 must be actively supervised by an adult to receive service.

  2. We often put out a Tip Jar.  Please let us know if this is not appropriate for your event.

  3. Some events require the event host to provide assertive adults to act as Line Managers.

  4. For outdoor events, we require a covering to work underneath, such as a canopy shelter, as well as a backup indoor location for inclement weather.

  5. *During holidaysrates may increase up to $225 / hour / entertainer


Canada Day

4 hour minimum requirement

Canada Day 2023 is Fully Booked.

We start taking bookings for Canada Day 2024 in April 2024.

New Years Eve

4 hour minimum requirement

We start taking bookings for NYE 2023/24 in November 2023.


Birthday Parties:

(For parties with over 25 kids, see Hourly Rates.)

PARENTS: Please read our Birthday Details section for a great experience!

To reserve your spot, payment is due upon booking, and tips are more than welcome after the party - thanks!

If more guests than you originally booked for end up needing to be painted and/or receive a balloon, or if many guests require balloon repairs, an additional fee will be charged (due at the end of the party).

Time Slots
We offer 4 time slots, generally:

Morning (between 8:00-11:00am)

Early Afternoon (between 12:00-3:00pm)

Late Afternoon (between 3:30-6:00pm)

Evening (anytime after 6:30pm)

*Saturday afternoons are by far our busiest time slot.  If that's booked, try Saturday morning, Saturday evening, or Sunday instead!

EITHER Facepainting OR Balloon Twisting
$219 for 10 guests or less

$279 for 15 guests or less

$339 for 20 guests or less

$379 for 25 guests or less


Includes EITHER premium face painting OR 1 premium balloon sculpture for each guest!

BOTH Facepainting & Balloon Twisting:

$439 for 10 guests or less

$559 for 15 guests or less

$689 for 20 guests or less

$759 for 25 guests or less


Includes 1 premium balloon sculpture & premium facepainting for each guest!

Entertainers work side by side.



We accept etransfers, cash & cheques!

To Book, contact Kristen:
(306) 551-7717


Outside Regina: Please inquire!

Min 3 hour bookings are required for gigs outside Regina.

Within Regina (city limits): Included

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